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Hurricane Matthew Statement

October 7, 2016 : Savannah Pet Sitters

Due to Hurricane Matthew, pet sitting services are suspended until the storm passes and conditions improve. If you evacuate, please take your pets. If you cannot evacuate, some of the hurricane shelters in Chatham County are pet friendly, contact CEM Read More »

Why Choose In-Home Petting Over Boarding?

October 22, 2015 : Savannah Pet Sitters

When it comes to caring for your pets while you are out of town, at work, or any other engagement you may have, there are two primary options – in-home pet sitting or boarding. While there are many great boarding facilities staffed by knowledge Read More »

Hiring a Pet Sitter Around the Holidays

October 16, 2015 : Savannah Pet Sitters

The holidays are one of the most common times that people normally need to hire a pet sitter. If you have travel plans for any of the upcoming holidays you should observe the following tips for making your trip as easy as possible: Book your petsitte Read More »


We offer a wide range of services. Read below for more details.

Dog Walking

We offer several dog walking plans to accommodate your busy lifestyle. From the occasional potty break to a daily exercise walk we have you covered.

Every walk will include making sure your pet has food/water, making sure your pet is comfortable back in its home, and a doggy treat (if OK with you).

We can also send you a picture of your best friend after the walk via email or MMS message so you can see how much they miss you.

Visit our Pricing Page for our rates.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town? Can’t take your pet, yet you hate the idea of having to lock them up at a kennel?

No problem! We can take care of your pet and they never have to leave the comfort of their home. Your pet is already going to be stressed out by your absence. Why make them even more upset by leaving them in a strange place?

Most pets will handle your absence far better if they are permitted to stay in their normal routine.


If we’re already going by your house, why not let us go ahead and pick up your dry-cleaning, grab a gallon of milk, or anything else you might need.

Contact us regarding your needs to get a customized quote.